Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Six Miles Difference

Now I know how it feels to be a Green Bay Packers Fan. Incredible that the Seahawks lost the Super Bowl! I still can't believe it!

Oh well, life goes on...

So I wanted to check this out last Friday night - 
Lately, a lot of the Kirkland bunch have been traveling north to the Tulalip Casino to meet up for cigars and gaming. Now I've always thought that you couldn't smoke cigars at Tulalip? 
I was wrong!

You can indeed smoke cigars at Tulalip, in fact they have a little humidor up at the bar with a very small, but adequate selection. The bar I'm talking about is located right across from the Draft Sports Bar. You can't miss it - big open room loaded with slot machines, big screen TVs, and plenty of seating. This technically is not a cigar lounge, but I'm assuming that this is where you would want to come for one. 

Yeah, the gang was here having a good time on Friday night, and I must admit that I enjoyed it as well. It's a nice place to kick back with friends, enjoy a cigar, have a drink, and maybe do a bit of gambling. All in all, it was worth the drive.

So you're probably asking: "Is this the new hang out?" Personally I'd say "no", at least not for me, but I'm sure if you live near Marysville that this would be the obvious choice. 

One reason why I can't see driving up here instead going to the Lit Lounge, is the distance. Now it might only be six and half miles further from Kirkland, but the traffic on I-5 sucks! No matter what time of day and which directions you're traveling, I-5 is always bad. In comparison, I-90 up to the Lit is wide open, maybe a touch of traffic in Issaquah, but after that, it's 70 mph!

In my mind, there's no comparison. The Lit is my destination of choice. It is a true cigar lounge, made specifically for aficionados like me, plus I really like the people that work there - they know how to treat you right!

Now I've heard that the Lit Lounge is more expensive than Tulalip, and that might be true on a few items, but overall, it's all about convenience, and I really don't like driving out of my way to save a few bucks. I like to go where I feel at home. 
Anyway, will I go back to Tulalip? Sure, but it'll be a while...

Side notes: 
Not sure if you've been paying attention or not, but there is some legislative action going on in Olympia regarding establishing a special license endorsements for cigar lounges and retail tobacconist shops: HB 1296

It's all still in the early stages, but now is the time to contact your representatives. Believe me, it does make a difference! 

Here's a reply that I received from my State Representative the other day: 

Thank you so much for writing to voice your support for HB1296! HB1296 is still being heard in front of committee (not one of the committees I am on), so it may be some time before it reaches the floor to be voted on. I will take your comments into consideration and I will be tracking the bill as it moves through the process.

Thanks again and please don't hesitate to continue to be in touch! If you are ever in Olympia, I hope you will stop by my office!



Joan McBride
State Representative, 48th District

Make your voice heard!  Here's a quick link to Cigar Rights of America, where you can voice your opinion:  

Say YES to Washington House Bill 1296

Make sure to edit the wording before you submit your response, you'll see what I mean once you've read the canned message on the CRA site. 

Take care!

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