Monday, February 15, 2016

New Cigar Bar - Las Vegas

My lovely wife and I were in Las Vegas the other day and I thought I'd shoot you a link to a relatively new Cigar Bar on The Strip. 

Davidoff of Geneva Cigar Bar

Obviously, this is a photo from the back of the lounge, but this is what I saw when I was strolling along over at the Fashion Mall. I did a double-take and thought to myself: HEY! That's cool, another cigar bar, and conveniently located just across the street from my hotel (Wynn Hotel)! Nice Action Jackson!

I talked to the manager inside and apparently it has been open for about three months now. Pretty cool place! Love the outdoor seating - very nice indeed! Honestly, there are a bunch of cool places to smoke cigars in Vegas, but I'd recommend this one and possibly Casa Fuentes over in the Forum at Caesars. I think I might lean more towards Davidoff's just because it has outdoor seating. (Casa Fuentes is inside the Mall)

Anyway, check it out next time you're here! 

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